Marked Masters — 99¢ through 5/3 in a Kindle Countdown Deal!


My publisher, Henery Press, discounted MARKED MASTERS to 99¢ this week in a Kindle Countdown Deal. Henery has only offered this book at this discounted price one other time. So if you haven’t read the book yet, or been waiting for another sale, grab this 99¢ offer while you can. The bargain price disappears in a few days!

Click Here to Buy Marked Masters on the Kindle Countdown Deal


What’s New and Free Wednesday–Holiday Edition

Yes, here in the States we’re looking forward to Thanksgiving and a lot of turkey and pie. But I wanted to take a quick minute first and post some bargains and freebie books available right now in case you still need to load your ereaders for holiday reading. I’ll start with the bargains then move on to the freebies I’ve learned about. Be sure and click the links to get to the Amazon buy page–the book cover pics are just to make the page look pretty 🙂

One warningthese books were all free or specially priced at the time of this posting, but please double check the price before downloading as I don’t know how long the bargains will last or how soon you’ll be reading this post.

Christmas comes early and Christmas Crazy,three book #3 in the Zoe Donovan series by Kathi Daley, is on sale at 99¢.                              This book is regularly $2.99.

oneOn sale for 99¢, the first in series for Julie Seedorf, the Pendergast Puzzle Protectors        This book is regularly $2.99.


If you like my Bodies of Art Mysteries, the Lexi Carmichael series by twoJulie Moffett is another series you might want to try. The first in that series, No One Lives Twice is on sale until the end of the month for $1.99, then it shoots back up to it’s regular $4.99 price.

fourOn the Freebie side of things, Summer Prescott’s Toffee Apple Killerbook #11 in the INNcredibly Sweet Series, is free at the moment. And it takes place at Thanksgiving, so what could be more timely? Regularly priced at $3.99.


This book intrigued me from the cover to the write up, sixso I can’t wait to dive into the pages. A Cunning Plan is the first book in the Sloane Harper series by Astrid Arditi, a new-to-me author. the book is free right now in time for holiday binge reading, but regularly priced at $3.99

Book #4 in the Polly Parret Pet Sitting Cozy Mysteries, fiveSeeing Red, by Liz Dodwell is currently priced free too. Get it at I’ve not read this author before, but the dog on the cover made me want to try the book.

A last reminder about Midnight Mysteries. amazon-imageWe’ll soon be taking our fall-themed anthology off Kindle Unlimited, and off sale completely as a bargain story group. So, if you want to read for free,  grab a copy before It’s Gone! Nine brand new fall-themed mysteries by nine bestselling mystery authors. Find more about the stories, the authors, and the 8 series tied to the collection in my preview post at   #Free on #KU or buy for $2.99                   








Such Little Things Can Make Me So Happy

I’ve been trying (fruitlessly, for months) to get a particular Amazon service tied into my website. Now, I love computers, don’t get me wrong, and I love geeking out on all FP&OF memethe new bells and whistles everyone makes available. But as a one-woman business I don’t have the luxury of sitting around and reading the masses of detail sent every day to help me “market” my business–if I want to get any writing done that is. What goes through quickly gets read and used. What makes me sigh in frustration gets set aside for when I have more time (you know what that means).

So, when everyone kept talking about how authors could access the Amazon samples, tying early chapters of our books back to our websites so readers simply clicked from my webpage to start reading the first few chapters before they bought, I thought, “How cool!” Especially when I saw the format that comes up is much cleaner and more functional than the Look Inside option on the Amazon website. I happily dived into the idea.

Until I tried actually getting it to work with my web provider parameters, blog options-limits, and the other idiosyncrasies that make “It’s good, you’ll like it!” actually translate into “Do not throw your laptop out of the window!” The idea was tabled for more data.

Then yesterday, a wonderful post I read daily called The Passive Voice published a segment about something else–but which also included info on this elusive option (if you don’t already read The Passive Voice, I heartily recommend them.) By playing around with the code available through that newsletter, I finally figured out how to make my web page work so early chapters of my books are available via my website. How cool is that?

Look on my banner above and you’ll see a new option for Chapter One Excerpts. Actually the excerpts are longer than one chapter, but since I write really long chapters, only the first chapter may be complete–hence the page name with the conservative wording. I’ll be adding new links as new releases come online. Anyone can access all the early chapters of my books from the banner link (with the much nicer format I mentioned earlier) or by clicking the link below:


Do You Like Newly Released Paperbacks Under $5?

Had a nice surprise this afternoon when an author friend told me that Amazon had her upcoming release in a favorite series on sale for $4.69 — down from the $7.99 regular price. That’s more than $1 less even than the price of a Kindle copy for this title. I went out and quickly purchased a copy of the book Knot the Usual Suspects by Molly MacRae. But as is my usual habit, I check to see what other books people are ordering who purchase this title, and found Amazon is running a number of other upcoming releases on sale in paperback at the $4.69 pricing–books all available for preorder ahead of a Sept. 1st release date. In looking further, I found more discounted upcoming releases at $5.69 in paperback, too,  for titles that will be released sooner–on August 4th. So I thought I’d do a quick blog to let everyone have a chance to grab titles in their favorite series at a discount–or try a new series at a bargain. These are not only for August 4th, Sept. 1st & Sept. 29th preorders, but one of the titles is already out and available for shipping at more than $2 off regular price–no waiting! All these books are better priced than their Kindle copies–some offer a more than $2 discount on the paperback over the price of an ebook! Also please note that you must click the hot link–in this case the book title–to shoot over to the books’ Amazon page. The book covers are just to liven up the blog–they aren’t a portal to transport you there, folks. Sorry 🙂

HERE’S THE LIST of paperbacks to preorder at $4.69 or $4.75 for Sept 1st release–

Knot the Usual SuspectsKnot the Usual Suspects by Molly MacRae, A Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery

The Marsh Madness by Victoria Abbot, a book collector mysteryMarsh Madness

Fudging the Books by Daryl Wood Gerber, Cookbook Nook Mystery #4

Trick or Deceit by Shelley Freedont, a Celebration Bay mystery

Black Cat CrossingBlack Cat Crossing by Kay Finch, first in a new series

Trick or Deceit

Fudging the Books

and Dead with the Wind by Miranda James is available for preorder at $5.03 for a September 29th releaseDead with the Wind

HERE’S THE LIST of paperbacks to preorder at bargain prices still for an August 4th release  (that’s just around the corner!). All of these–though not quite as cheap as the books with more distant release dates–are all less expensive than even their Kindle copies (as much as $2 off!):

Loom & DoomLoom an Doom by Carol Ann Martin (A Weaving Mystery) on sale for $5.68

A Dish Best Served Cold by Rosie Genova, An Italian Kitchen Mystery on A Dish Best Served Coldsale for $5.99

Crushed VelvetCrushed Velvet by Diane Villare, A Material Witness Mystery on sale for $6.20



AND FINALLY, A TITLE AVAILABLE NOW and sale-priced at the moment at $5.68, so grab it while it’s a deal–

Grace Cries Uncle by Julie Hyzy, a Manor House MysteryGrace Cries Uncle