Interviews, Podcasts, Etc.

This is a new page I just started building. The info is sparse at the moment, but I’ll be adding new links and details as I get the time to go back and find the necessary URLs. Nothing earthshattering (though I really wish I did know the answer to gaining world peace), but thought I’d add the links & info here in case anyone is interested. 🙂

A second appearance in The Big Thrill (magazine of the International Thriller Writers), this time focusing on writing Fatal Forgeries, and how I do the next books in series like the Bodies of Art Mysteries–

Interviewed on the Reade & Write page about my Bodies of Art series and the recent release of Fatal Forgeries–

My turn in the hot seat at the Author’s Studio at the Girl With Book Lungs blog–

Interview on Map Your Mysteries about how I write and the differences in writing my two series, the Bodies of Art Mysteries and the Organized Mysteries–

I was interviewed by Yvonne Mason on her Off the Chain radio show on June 8th in release week for Fatal Forgeries and we talk Bodies of Art Mysteries, Organized Mysteries, and cozy mysteries–

The Big Thrill (magazine of the International Thriller Writers) interviewed me about the Bodies of Art Mysteries–

Interview on Chris Symes’s Smarty Pants Podcast about Author Marketing–

Interview discussing voracious reading habits with Benjamin Thomas–