Frugal Lissa Finds a Body

Series: Frugal Lissa Mysteries

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Melissa Eller looks for ways to save people money. She never wanted to find a dead body…
Especially since she and the victim argued in public the previous evening. And she kind of threatened him (all a big misunderstanding – really).

When would she learn to keep her big mouth shut?

Now, she’s suspect number one in the guy’s murder. Worse, the detective in charge of the case is someone Lissa made fun of in high school—because he made fun of her—and he holds more leverage than just the threat of getting her sent to detention. Her boys don’t need a mom in prison!

She should never have moved back home.

Who said small towns were safer?


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Ritter knows how to tell a story that captivates.
-- Dru's Book Musing on the Organized Mysteries cozy series

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