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Friday Peek at Upcoming Release

Posted on: September 1, 2017

Since all of us in the U.S. have a holiday weekend coming up (so more reading time available, YAY!) I thought I’d add a freebie sneak peek of the first half of the first chapter of my October release ORGANIZED FOR SCHEDULED SABOTAGE. I don’t have the final copy back from my editing/proofing team yet, so there may be a few glitches I didn’t catch. But I’ve had a number of readers ask for a peek and this seemed like a fun time to do exactly that. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!










8 Responses to "Friday Peek at Upcoming Release"

What a nice offer, but I already have it on a pre-order and I don’t want to spoil the story!

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Thank you! I completely understand, but I’ve had a number of readers ask “pretty please” 🙂


Love it! I think Liz and I are going to get along just fine…

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Yeah, Amy, I’m not sure that she won’t appear in later books. I’m liking her a lot too:)

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Great. In the middle of an early juicy part… 🙂 Thanks for the sneak peak!

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You’re welcome, Gale. One of these days I’m going to learn how to write shorter chapters so when I do an excerpt I can just post the whole first chapter. LOL! Have a great weekend!

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Hey, I’ve got it pre-ordered…you KNOW how “patient” I am. 🙂 A great weekend to you as well! Mine involves painting…


thanks, happy week end to you also


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