Map Your Mysteries

Working files for Bodies of Art Mystery series manuscript

Christine Gentes was nice enough to interview me for her Map Your Mysteries blog. If you haven’t yet checked out her blog, it’s becoming one of my new favorite binge reads. She ties books and authors to the geographic locations they place their titles and characters. I’ve had a lot of fun going down the list in the right sidebar to read more about author friends and titles based on where the works fit on the map. Have a minute? Check it out 🙂   Map Your Mysteries interview


3 thoughts on “Map Your Mysteries”

  1. Ritter: Oh my gosh I had forgotten about Elizabeth Peters!! Thanks so much for reminding me. I see she even has a 2017 novel out. Oh my. I’m thinking I’ll start all over with audible versions, if they have them on the early one’s. So exciting to rediscover a favorite, and to find some I haven’t read. I have just finished (and loved, what a romp!) all of your Bodies of Art series to date, and I’ve been wanting something similar, this will do it.


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