The Glamourous (Not!) Life of a Bestselling Author

In between eating bon-bons and going to red carpet events with my peeps (HA!) thought I’d blog today about the Real Life of an author. Ever buy something and be told “Easy to assemble” and “No trouble to carry along” and actually believe them? Don’t. People lie. Especially people who want to sell you something. Case in point: I bought banners that are about 1-1/2′ by 3′ for each of my novels. Thought they’d be great to stand or hang one behind me at speaking and booksigning events. For the first two books, I didn’t have a metal stand–I used the super-sticky plastic foldover holes the printer provided with the banners and hung whichever banner I wanted using removeable hooks. Worked fine, but I had to make sure I was positioned near a wall with the kind of backing to which the 3M hooks stuck/unstuck well. So, I decided to Read more…

What’s New and Free Wednesday–Another Big Giveaway Edition

Would you like to win a new Kindle Fire & 32 ebooks from mystery authors writing Amateur Sleuth mysteries? Then head over to the Henery Press website & enter the giveaway for a Fire & all of the titles shown in the group graphic at the end of this post. Do it now–contest ends soon! Here’s the link: This contest is only open one week (ends April 11th), so don’t miss out! There will be six (6) winners in all — one (1) Grand Prize winner of the Fire and all 32 ebooks, one (1) First Prize winner of all 32 ebooks, & four (4) Second Prize winners who receive eight (8) ebooks. To see all the titles, check out the group graphic below.