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Time for the Holiday Giveaway Train Again–YAY!

Remember the fun giveaway time we all had this time last year when Henery Press put on the Christmas Giveaway Train? Where a bunch of us authors and book bloggers posted prizes on our FaceBook Author pages and readers could … Continue reading

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Armchair Traveling on a Chilly November Afternoon

Had the need today to page through some pictures that tie back with books in my Bodies of Art series, and thought I’d share them with anyone needing a little Armchair Traveling for the day. I’ve thrown in pictures I … Continue reading

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What’s New and Free Wednesday–Holiday Edition

Yes, here in the States we’re looking forward to Thanksgiving and a lot of turkey and pie. But I wanted to take a quick minute first and post some bargains and freebie books available right now in case you still … Continue reading

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Probably Woefully Tardy Excerpt from Abstract Aliases

I had two people ask me the very same thing yesterday. The encounters were in two very different places–one person was an author and the other a confirmed mystery reader. Talk shifted to excerpts of books on blog posts, and … Continue reading

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Before Fall Colors Disappear

Friday afternoon I took time off to go an walk around our city’s lake. Though the winds roared the day before, by Friday they’d calmed enough that the mid-60s temps didn’t require a jacket, but there were still lots of … Continue reading

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You Can Read Me Here, Or Hear Me There…

We used to have a neighbor my mother called “the gadabout” because the neighbor’s car zipped in and out of her driveway All Day Long. Seriously. Well, this week I’ve been doing a little internet gadabouting myself. Not anywhere to … Continue reading

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Just Gonna Say It One More Time

I won’t ever try to tell anyone how to vote, but I will always challenge you to vote. It is your right and your responsibility. And I’d like to add for all future contenders out there For Any Elected Office, … Continue reading

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