Bodies of Art Outtakes & Peeks

Do you love outtakes as much as I do? One of the things about being an author is I write aFP&OF meme lot of scenes that don’t always appear in their original title. Case in point: I received ARCs this week for Abstract Aliases, the third book in the Bodies of Art Mysteries series, and it starts with Laurel & Jack at a New Years Event. But originally, I was going to set the story around Halloween. I wrote up some really fun scenes, had an exciting phone call scene in particular that set up some scary potential, then I decided I needed to give a time break between books 2 & 3, so it made for a more natural investigation, and the story wasn’t bogged down in a lot of day to day activity that could be summarized much quicker if I did a time shift.

But I still had those lovely scenes set in October. There wasn’t anything wrong with them, and I didn’t want to waste them. So, I’m going to finish it all off as a Halloween short story and give it to my newsletter subscribers as a “treat” this year. Want a sample taste? Here’s a brief scene where Laurel is regretting her decision to put Cassie in charge of their costumes.

Currently untitled Freebie Peek–

Cassie crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow. “Trust me, Laurel. No one will recognize either of us in the Halloween costumes I picked. And mine coordinates with yours, so don’t think you can talk your way out of dressing up now. Besides, Gerald is going to meet us at the show, and we have no way of contacting him ahead of time.”

One of my longtime friends, a con man disowned by his upper crust family, had called the office the day before asking to rendezvous with me. That was his word, “rendezvous.” He had a touch of drama queen in his soul, and told Cassie he had something he needed to share.

“What did he say exactly?” I asked.

“He had some information he needed to give personally to you, and wanted to know when you could meet with him tonight.”

“And he couldn’t just call me?”

“No, said it had to be in person and he wouldn’t have his phone for a few days.”

“More likely, he’s looking to get a free meal out of me, and doesn’t want to give me any means of canceling.”

Cassie furrowed her forehead and frowned. “He did invite himself along pretty quickly when I told him what show we were seeing. Then I mentioned who was doing our makeup, and he said he knew Lila.”

“I don’t doubt that at all. Gerry knows everyone, whether they want to know him or not,” I said. “So you told him what we’re wearing?”

“He wouldn’t have been able to recognize us otherwise.”

Everyone knew but me. “I’d better not be the back half of something horrible like Godzilla that makes people scrunch their eyes closed.”

“Trust me. People are going to keep their eyes open wide.”

Great! We’re probably going as hookers. “Okay, no promises, but I’ll go with you to Lila’s to check things out. If I’m sufficiently disguised, and if Inspector Whatley agrees that it’s not a dangerous idea, or at least not too stupid, we’ll keep to our original plans.”

“Plus, if we are followed, it will tell us that my phone was hacked since you don’t even know Lila’s address or what performance we’re going to see tonight.”

“If you’re trying to reassure me, you’re not succeeding,” I said.


The rest of this story will appear in my newsletter in late October. If you already subscribe, you’re all set. If you haven’t yet subscribed and want toClick Here

So, tell me, do you like seeing deleted scenes as much as I do? And do you like to see what authors do with them later?


About ritterames

Ritter Ames is the USA TODAY bestselling author of both the Organized Mysteries and Bodies of Art Mystery series, and lives atop a high green hill in the country with her husband and Labrador retriever. She spends each day globe-trotting the world from her laptop with Pandora blasting into her earbuds, often with the dog snoring at her feet. Much like her mysteries, Ritter’s favorite vacations start in London, then spiral out in every direction. She’s been known to plan trips after researching new books, and keeps a list of “can’t miss” foods to taste along the way.
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10 Responses to Bodies of Art Outtakes & Peeks

  1. Loraine Kraft says:

    Yes, I love reading these. In fact, now I want to know what the costume is!

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  2. Anything that gets me time with characters and an author I love is great with me!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. galehr says:

    (Okay, due to technical difficulties today, I’m going to try typing this again.) I’m always happy for more Laurel and Jack time! Thanks. And not sure I’ve ever seen someone do this before so very cool.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. servedogmom says:

    Yes! But, now I want to know what the costume is!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Helga Thompson says:

    Oh, I can’t wait to read it! You are so bad about just giving us a small taste! Love anything you share with us!

    Liked by 1 person

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