Remember, Huge Celebration & Giveaway Today!


Don’t forget to check out the amazing celebration today for the 100th published book HP World Giveaway TODAYreleased by Henery Press. It’s a Facebook Page Hop that runs until midnight tonight. You can start by clicking here to get to my FB Author Page, and then move on to the next stop, and the next, and the next. In total, $4200 in prizes from 100 authors and a grand prize from Henery Press. Look for this contest graphic to get all the details on each page.


About ritterames

Ritter Ames is the USA Today Bestselling author of the Bodies of Art Mysteries and the Organized Mysteries series. When she’s not writing or brainstorming new mysteries, Ritter is usually trying to get her favorite blond Labrador retriever to stay out of the pond, or keep her grouchy black cat from trying to give the dog away on Freecycle. The first two books in her Bodies of Art series were released in early-2016 by Henery Press, and the third was released October 11, 2016. She's currently working on the first book in a new series.
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6 Responses to Remember, Huge Celebration & Giveaway Today!

  1. such a great way to introduce authors and readers to each other. And fun too.

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  2. galehr says:

    All that travel…and I never left my chair!

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  3. latteme says:

    Did we get Frequent Flyer Miles… Really Lots of Fun… Lost my spot lol I’ll just start again with Susan Boyer 😉

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