I’ve Been Bad–I Know

My posts have been meager lately, I know, but I’m on a deadline for the third book in the Bodies of Art series–now officially titled Abstract Aliases. Plus, I’ve been doing all of the final proofing to get both Counterfeit Conspiracies and Marked Masters back to my MARKED MASTERS coverCOUNTERFEIT CONSPIRACIES coverIIHenery Press editor so the books will be ready for their re-debut and release to Net Gallery readers next month. The first two books are on-tap for a February 2016 release, but are available now in preorder, and will go to review services next month. YAY!

But there are a number of new events happening soon. I’m going to try to post about the newest this Friday (yes, Black Friday)–it all depends on when I get the final info–so y’all will be ready for the big event on Cyber Monday. I’m participating in this fun FB event that will be a moveable giving-op, rather than a selling one (you’ll be tired enough of pitches from all the ads by Walmart/Target/et al, right?). A bunch of wonderful authors are participating, so don’t forget to come back next weekend and check for all the details. You won’t want to miss it.

Beyond that, I was interviewed a few months ago by a couple of great blogs–Girl with Book Lungs for the Write Stuff page and Mayhem & Magic–and both blogs posted the interviews this week! The interviews are very different, and I wanted to post the links in case anyone wanted to read them–you’ll find those links below. I got a real kick out of answering the questions, and I loved reading the reader comments. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about me, here’s your chance. And if you like the interviews, subscribe to the blogs. These ladies post interesting stuff all the time 🙂

Girl with Book Lungs–Write Stuff

Mayhem & Magic

Have a great week everyone!


Organizing My Seasonal Game Plan

sicilian-chicken-souI’m taking part in a girlfriend reconnaissance mission this weekend. A bunch of great friends and I are bravely going to start looking for Christmas presents. I’ve never started shopping this late before, but my year has been one that has been more-than-heavily-scheduled, and this was the first available weekend when several of the other women didn’t already have other plans. So, we strike out, armed with our debit cards and shopping lists. Before I go, I’m putting soup in the crockpot to have simmering and savory for hubby to eat while I’m gone, and ready for me to grab a bowlful when I stumble back through the door. Here’s a favorite of my family that your family might also enjoy–Sicilian Chicken Soup. Once the soup is cooking nicely Saturday morning, I’ll grab my car keys and head out to meet up with my friends. We’re expecting a successful mission, so Our Great 2015 Girlfriend Holiday Recon will get home in the evening worn out, laughed out, and probably maxed out on our budgets. But we plan on not having to do this again for 2015. There’s only so much fun one woman’s body can handle.

Triple Chocolate Cheesecake Oreo CrustBut no, I don’t think we’ll all necessarily be done with our gifts for the year.  I’ll be doing some additional online shopping (wonder if Santa does much of his shopping by clicking). I’ll also be doing some craftier gifting varieties, too. Here are a few of the ideas I’m already getting from websites:

  • A Gift in a Tin: Christmas Baking Kits – where you can get the detail on the baking kit and also some sample pics of other terrific ideas like Cold Winter Kits and Spa Kits in a tin
  • 15 Homemade Gifts that Aren’t Cheesy offers easy craft ideas that produce some really wonderful gifts
  • and for my food giving gifts this year I’m giving Triple Chocolate Cheesecake with Oreo Crust–here’s the recipe to try with a warning that you may have to make many more than planned since pieces tend to disappear out of the family fridge when one is left unattended. Even when I label one with a sign that says “Do Not Eat This–It’s a Gift.”  Maybe I ought to start saying they’re “poisoned for authorial research” instead–Nah, my family would likely try a piece anyway. LOL

Cozy Holiday Escapes-Amazon coverFinally, my gift to my readers this year is a group effort with some of my wonderful author girlfriends. I’ve talked about the Cozy Holiday Escapes anthology. It’s been on sale a week now at our special giftable price of 99 cents, and readers are giving back by posting wonderful reviews. If you’d like some light-mystery, character-driven stories to read when you put your feet up after this year’s Christmas tasks, we would love if you’d take a look at our anthology. It’s only available through the holiday season–then just like Santa and all the seasonal decorations it will disappear from sight. Click my Where to Buy My Books link for all the clickable links to all the booksellers. I’ve included a new Bodies of Art story “Seasonal Switches” as well as the Organized Mystery “Organized for Christmas Wishes.” Best of all, you might discover a new author to read or discover an old favorite.

So that’s my game plan for the weekend. How about you. Do you have a shopping/gifting strategy in place this year?

Can You Hear the Season’s Changing?

Thanksgiving is this month in the U.S., and the older I get the more gratitude I have every day of the year. It’s not that my life is without potholes–far from it. But those potholes aren’t quite so treacherous anymore since I’ve learned who I can count on to help me figure out how fill the hole so it’s no longer a problem, or who will willingly ferry me across any problem too big for me to handle. It was a huge lesson the day I realized I truly could ask other people for help. And my thankfulness grows with every day.

To that end, I’m spending the whole month of November posting the things I’m thankful for on a daily FB post on my profile page, and inviting others to share what they are grateful for in their lives. I have to tell you, it’s something I look forward to doing each day. Spending just a few minutes thinking about this makes the whole rest of my day go much better. I “hear” the thanksgiving goodness in each comment made by the people who read my posts, and I love getting this small insight into their lives and their month of Thanksgiving.

Cozy Holiday Escapes-Amazon coverAnd speaking of seasonal happiness and helpful people and reasons to be grateful, I want to take this opportunity to tell you about a fabulous group of authors who invited me into their authorial fold to contribute to a Christmas-themed anthology that was just released this week. I’ve read all these authors for years–been a fan of each long before I was published myself–so I have to pinch myself every day to believe that my “story gifts” are in this anthology with all of theirs. Karen Cantwell penned a new story in the popular Barbara Marr series, “How the Finches Stole Christmas.” Joanna Campbell Slan offers two short stories, one in the Kiki Lowenstein scrapbook series, “Kiki Lowenstein and the Secret Santa,” and another in her Cara Mia Delgatto series, “Cara Mia Delgatto’s White Christmas.” Carolyn Haines includes “Bones on the Bayou” a Sarah Booth Delaney story that will make you laugh and gasp until the mystery is solved. “Christmas in Venice” by Maria Grazia Swan tells the story of a pet-sitter investigating a missing tortoise over the holidays. Leslie O’Kane brings an Allie Babcock short mystery, “A Dog-Gone Christmas,” and makes readers worry and smile until the end. And since I’m in the middle of writing the third book in the Bodies of Art Mystery series, I wrote a brand new Christmastime story, “Seasonal Switches,” featuring Laurel Beacham and Jack Hawkes, as well as a Kate McKenzie Organized Mysteries story, “Organized for Christmas Wishes.” In all, there are eight stories in the book, seven tied to bestselling mystery series that gives a yuletide taste of the characters’ worlds.

This anthology will only be available for this years holiday season–it will disappear from the virtual bookseller shelves in January. Right now we have it priced at 99 cents, so if this sounds like something you’d like to read, please grab it while it’s a bargain and before it completely goes off sale. It’s our little Christmas gift to our fans, and we hope y’all like it–and maybe find a favorite new author or two. I’d love it if my favorites become yours too.

To find the buy links to the anthology, just go to my Where to Buy My Books page. You can click this link, or find the link to the page along the toolbar above.

Hope everyone is planning a Happy Thanksgiving. Is that jingle bells I hear with that turkey gobble?